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Toddlers Ride in Style AND Safety with a Designer Car Seat Cover!

  Blue and Lime Hawaiian Toddler Car Seat Cover by Hula Moon Kids

Were you forced to choose a car seat based on its safety factor instead of your flair for style? Are you tired of looking at the same old black car seat? Did the company only have a bright orange model left in stock? Then a designer Car Seat Cover may be just the thing you’ve been searching for! Car Seat Covers offer beautiful fabrics and prints designed to fit snugly and unobtrusively right over your current car seat, without compromising its integrity!

Car Seat Covers come in sizes for both Infant and Toddler Car Seats. Most Car Seat Covers are designed to slip easily over the existing fabric, though some require you to remove your current cover and replace it with the new one. Car Seat Covers are generically designed to fit over most major brands of car seats, including Britax, Peg Perego, Graco, Chicco, Combi, Maxi Cosi, Eddie Bauer and more. Some brands offer strap covers, headrest covers, and even personalization! With the variety of Car Seat Covers available, you can fully customize your infant or toddler’s car seat!

Your pattern options are just as limitless! Choose from various Hawaiian patterns, camo prints, leopard prints, couture and damask designs, plush and minky fabrics, chenilles and velvets, satin brocade, 100% cotton and more! Some Car Seat Covers are even reversible, so you get two new covers for the price of one! And most Car Seat Covers are machine washable for easy cleaning and durability.

Many leading companies make infant and toddler car seat covers, including Baby Bella Maya, Itzy Ritzy, Nollie Covers, Hula Moon Kids and many more! Choosing a new Car Seat Cover can transform your tired car seat into something fabulous! Re-use your car seat for a second child, or extend the use for your growing toddler! Your options are endless with a designer Infant or Toddler Car Seat Cover!

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Shopping Cart Covers Protect Your Little One

Hot Pink Camo Shopping Cart Cover by Hula Moon Kids 

A shopping cart cover may seem like a luxury your parents never needed, but shopping carts have been proven to carry more germs than public restrooms and telephones! Many grocery stores now carry sanitation wipes by the door for you to wipe down your cart, but you can go the extra mile to protect your baby from the last kid’s runny nose with a stylish and convenient shopping cart cover! Sanitation practices have come a long way, and during flu or allergy season many of us wouldn’t think of shaking someone’s hand without using hand sanitizer. Strangers’ hands are all over shopping cart handles, not to mention babies’ mouths, spilled free grocery store samples, and who knows what more. Why not protect your baby’s delicate system as well?

Shopping cart covers are designed to go over standard size shopping carts, and some brands even fit on larger Costco-sized shopping carts! A shopping cart cover should fit easily over any shopping cart with simple elastic, and have safety straps to latch in your baby. Many models even have a pocket or loops to attach toys to keep baby occupied and germ-free while you shop. Your baby will love being in her own cocoon of comfort and safety, and you will love not having to worry about her sitting on a sticky cart.

Luckily, you can be just as fashionable with your shopping cart cover as you can with the rest of your baby gear! Shopping cart covers today come in a plethora of prints, from Hawaiian to polka dot to damask, so you can match your diaper bag, changing pads, or whatever you carry! Present a coordinated front with a shopping cart cover that fits your style.

And your shopping cart cover can do more than just protect your child in the grocery store! Most shopping cart covers also fit high chairs, so you can keep baby germ-free in any restaurant! Another way to use your cover is over park swings! The only things more germy than shopping carts are bus rails and playground equipment, so protect your baby where you can with this versatile cover.

Many companies produce quality shopping cart covers, including Balboa Baby, Hula Moon, Itzy Ritzy and more. Find stylish, safe, and affordable shopping cart covers at from these leading manufacturers! Protect your baby from the germs of the world – it’s one of the few things you can take control of! Choose a new shopping cart cover today.

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Balboa Baby Offers Stylish Coordinating Products for New Mothers


Balboa Baby is a fantastic company that designs contemporary, unique products using luxurious fabrics and distinctive prints to make life simpler for parents and better for babies. Balboa Baby offers two different high-quality baby slings, an Adjustable Sling which features convenience details like a unique storage pocket and sturdy adjustable rings, and the Serene Sling, a flexible knit sling that is designed for better maneuverability and comfort. The Serene Sling is Certified Oeko-tex Standard 100, which means everything from the fabric to the thread to the tag was ecologically manufactured without the use of harmful substances, so it is environmentally friendly for you and your baby! The benefits of slinging your baby include increased cuddle and bonding time for baby, and hands-free motion for mom. A sling is a wonderful way to keep a safe and secure hold on your baby without sacrificing your ability to multi-task. These slings are some of the best on the market, because of their inspired features as well as their eye-catching designs.

Another great product Balboa Baby offers is their Nursing Covers. Nursing Covers are innovative tools for feeling comfortable while nursing in public. Royal Bambino carries several models of nursing cover, but Balboa Baby Nursing Covers include an adjustable neck strap with buckle detail, rigid neckline, convenient storage pocket, and a tailored bottom edge that keeps you covered! Nursing Covers can also do double duty as a sunshade on your stroller, car seat, or baby carrier, so this is one product that any new mother will get plenty of use from!

New entries from Balboa Baby include Nursing Pillows and Shopping Cart Covers! Balboa Baby’s unique contoured Nursing Pillow lifts baby up and rolls him closer to mom for a comfortable and stress-free feeding experience. Their Shopping Cart Covers are stylish ways to protect your baby from sticky and germy public carts, and they also double as a high chair cover! These new items from Balboa Baby are high-quality additions to an innovative and respected line of baby products!

A popular feature of Balboa Baby products is their matching prints! Coordinate with your nursery scheme, your diaper bag, or your baby’s chosen theme! Match your nursing cover to your baby sling and shopping cart cover! Balboa Baby offers many different fabric choices. Show off your style know-how with these chic options.

Balboa Baby makes babies happier, and makes parents’ lives easier. Choose Balboa Baby for an innovative way to simplify your life!

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Nursing Pillows – A Clear Decision for More Comfortable Feedings

Royal Bambino has just added a new item to our ever-increasing baby products selection! Welcome new Nursing Pillows!

Breastfeeding your baby has undeniable benefits, such as fewer incidences of allergies, obesity, heart diseases, juvenile diabetes, multiple sclerosis and asthma, as well as preventing infections in babies’ intestines. Nursing also provides mothers an opportunity to bond with their new babies, which is important for proper child development and which many mothers remember fondly for years. However, breastfeeding can come with many difficulties, including stress on the mother’s back, neck, and arms, and incorrect positioning of the baby. An incorrect position of the baby can mean that he won’t take enough milk, possibly affecting development. It can also mean that the mother chooses to wean the baby earlier, because an improper latch can cause excess soreness or even wounds on the nipple during feedings. A nursing pillow is an easy and welcome solution to this timeless problem! Nursing pillows can help you find and maintain the best position for holding the baby while breastfeeding.

A good nursing pillow can make nursing easier and more comfortable, extending the time a mother will nurse her baby and helping to ensure good nutrition and proper bonding. Royal Bambino carries the new Balboa Baby Nursing Pillow! The Balboa Baby Nursing Pillow was developed, tested, and recommended by lactation consultants and medical professionals including Dr. Sears, known as America’s Pediatrician. The innovative Nursing Pillow is contoured to fit around the mother easily without the use of complicated straps, zippers, or buckles, and is designed to lift baby to the proper level, eliminating the need for the mother to curve her back and reducing stress on the back, neck, and shoulders. The unique contoured design encourages correct feeding position by naturally rolling baby towards mother. The Balboa Baby Nursing Pillow is soft, comfortable and just firm enough to support your baby while nursing, and features a removable, 100% cotton cover for easy cleaning. The Balboa Baby Nursing Pillow comes in 5 chic prints to coordinate with your nursery! Contemporary scrolling and brocade patterns include Lola, Coco, and Vivienne; Suri offers an eastern flair, and Geo is a modern geometric design in black and white. Any of these fabric options would be a perfect choice for the stylish baby!

Adding a Nursing Pillow to your feeding routine can be a simple decision that you will never regret! Choose to make breastfeeding easier on yourself and more enjoyable for you and baby. Balboa Baby also offers other wonderful products for mother and baby, including nursing covers, baby slings, and new shopping cart covers! Balboa Baby knows babies!

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2010 Bananafish Baby Bedding Now Available!


New baby bedding is now available to order from Bananafish Baby Bedding! Seven different collections of designer baby bedding have been introduced, including the sophisticated Brooklyn collection, a stunning crib bedding set in solid jewel tones available in 5 different colors! Brianna, Chloe, and Woodland are perfect choices for any little girl in pinks and florals, and Hayden and Logan would work wonders in any boy’s nursery with blues, greens and browns. For that surprise new arrival in your life, the peaceful MiGi Little Tree collection is perfect for boy or girl in its calm turquoise and orange with sweet birds and leaves. For your growing girl, Bananafish also has two new collections of Toddler Bedding based on popular crib bedding sets, Mod Butterfly and Bubble Gum! Browse all of the wonderful options from Bananafish baby crib bedding at!

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New Diaper Bags from OiOi! has added over 15 New diaper bags from the designer OiOi Diaper Bag line! Choose from messenger bags, hobos, totes and carry alls in this eclectic collection with something for every mom! New styles include studded Weathered Leatherette in black, red or brown; posh Black Check carry all or hobo; and Black and white Giraffe print diaper bags! Browse the full selection of OiOi Diaper Bags Available Now!

Black Giraffe Shopper Tote 6371 Diaper Bag by OiOi Red Leatherette Studded Tote 6363 Diaper Bag by Oi Oi Butterfly Tote Sack 6340 Diaper Bag by Oi Oi

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