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Using Nursery Gliders to Provide Security

One of the most essential pieces of furniture in the nursery is nursery gliders. There is reason for the timeless scene of a mother rocking her baby to sleep: it is a powerful bonding moment for mother and baby. Additionally, the rocking motion helps soothe baby and works to melt away mom’s stress as well.

Rocking your baby in Nursery Gliders is a great way to provide soothing, warmth. Your baby gets a sense of stability, peace, and security from being in your arms as you gently rock both of you.

How to Rock Your Baby

Rocking your baby is not as intimidating as it may seem. As long as you rock slowly, your baby will not startle or become afraid. Count one, two as you rock backwards and three four as you rock forwards. A four-count rock will provide the pacing that babies enjoy most.

When to Rock in Nursery Gliders

You do not have to wait until nightfall to commence rocking. You can rock your baby at nap time or even as you read a story together.

To Rock or Not To Rock (to sleep, that is)

There are differing viewpoints on this topic. Some parents rock their babies completely to sleep in Nursery Gliders. Then they place baby in the crib. Others rock baby until he or she is sleepy. Then they let baby put themselves to sleep in the crib.

Routine is important

Experts do agree that if you are rocking baby for sleeping purposes, then you want to rock in the same place every time. So find a spot for nursery gliders where it can remain and not have to be moved around.


Many parents play soft, soothing music as they rock to help induce sleep as well.

Have baby dressed for bed

You will want to make sure that your baby is bathed and dressed for bed. With a nice pair of clean pajamas, mother’s scent and warmth, and the rocking motion to help out, what baby can resist becoming drowsy?


If you are keyed up, baby cannot relax and get to sleep as well. That is another nice feature of Nursery Gliders. They relax mom as well. A relaxed mom leads to a relaxed baby. And a relaxed baby is one that can sleep better and longer.

Nursery gliders can help you relax, help baby relax and bond you together. In our busy world, it often hard to remember to slow down and do one thing at a time rather than multi-task. But when you are rocking baby in nursery gliders, you are multi-tasking. You are building baby’s neural connections, and helping her get to sleep.

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Nursery Bedding is an extension of your personality

When you are picking out Nursery Bedding, you are picking out something that expresses your personality to other people. It also communicates your hopes and dreams for baby as well. When expectant parents buy frilly, lacy pink bedding for their daughter, they are communicating something about their expectations for their daughter. When mothers-to-be snap up baby bedding with sports insignias and masculine colors, they are also communicating.

Nursery bedding can be a fun part of the pregnancy shopping. After all, a lot of the shopping you do now is not that fun. Buying maternity clothing is little more than a reminder of your ever-expanding waistline. Most women do not enjoy that at all. But nursery bedding is a place where you can exert your preferences and personality as well as ooh and ahh over cute patterns and colors. You can dream about what your future son or daughter will be like.

Pregnancy can be a nervous, worrying time, but buying Nursery Bedding should not be. Your crib bedding should be comfortable for baby to sleep in and pleasing to the eye. There are so many choices for bedding for your baby’s crib that you should have no problem finding something that thrills you within your budget. There are literally limitless options. Whatever you envision for baby’s room can be found.

The internet is a great place to shop for crib bedding. You can ask all the relevant questions, such as size, fabric, laundry care, and price before you buy. You can compare one product to another. You can find accessories to go with your baby’s blanket or comforter. You can buy dust ruffle, crib bumper, diaper stacker, and even curtains. Some patterns also offer lamps and other accessories such as wall décor that all coordinate with the theme and colors of your Nursery Bedding. You can find everything you need to pull baby’s room together effortlessly online.

When you are shopping for nursery bedding, trust your instincts and go with your gut. You want to smile every time you walk into your baby’s room and see his or her linens.

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How to Choose Your Nursery Bedding

Nursery BeddingChoosing Nursery Bedding can be somewhat overwhelming. On the one hand, you have so much to do that you are tempted to think it’s not that serious. ‘It’s just sheets and a comforter,’ you may think to yourself. But on the other hand, this is the color scheme you and your baby will live with day in and day out for the next couple of years. The colors and patterns on your nursery bedding in fact set the entire tone and mood of the room. So it is actually a fairly important decision.

Your crib finish does matter.

If your baby’s furniture is darker—such as cherry or mahogany—then you need to choose muted shades of your colors. If you furniture is light, then bolder colors will be more pleasing to the eye.
Nursery Bedding for a Boy
Picking out bedding for a boy can be an emotional experience if you were hoping for a girl. Let’s be honest. There are new moms out there who have been dreaming of a bedroom awash in pink. A lot of mothers-to-be put off shopping for bedding because they can’t get excited about blue. Once you have let go of your vision of a pink room, you can allow yourself to get excited about your baby boy’s bedding.
You are not 100% limited to blue. And even if you do decide to go with blue, you are not doomed to baby or robin’s egg blue. You can get aqua, turquoise, or oceanic colors.
You can also go with a neutral color scheme. There are many pleasing Nursery Bedding with neutral colors. Right now it is very trendy to use chocolate brown as your base color and pair it with blue for boys.
You can pick out a theme and design colors around that. For example, perhaps you want to go for a pirate themed room. Well, you can easily do red and black bedding.
Nursery Bedding for a Girl
Most mothers-to-be are more than thrilled to deck out their baby girl’s room in pink. Other moms purposefully shy away from it because they hate pink, don’t see themselves as girly-girls, or they are simply opposed to playing into stereotypes.
Red is a terrific color for baby bedding for a girl as well. You can still be feminine without going for pink. Purple or lavender is another great—and popular—choice as well.
Nursery bedding in neutral colors can still be very feminine as well. The chocolate brown trend is also for girls. Brown and pink actually look amazing together.
When you are picking Nursery Bedding, be sure to choose something that will make you smile every time you walk into your baby’s room.

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Determine Which Nursery Glider is the Best for you

Nursery GliderIf you are a mother-to-be, you may not be aware of the differences between a Nursery Glider and rocking chair. In fact, you may think they are same thing so it doesn’t really matter when you go to make your purchase. Although they can sometimes look very similar, they are actually very different.

A glider has moving parts that allow the chair to glide—hence its name—silently and safely back and forth to rock baby to sleep. Rocking chairs are considered timeless, but have been known to allow injury to occur and often make noise as they rock.

When you are ready to pick out your Nursery Glider, you want to first determine the color of chair you are interested in. You may want to match your room. You at least want to complement it. Some gliders are very cushioned. Others show the wood color and finish. Determine which type of nursery glider you would like. Some of them look very much like a padded arm chair. They come in a wide array of colors. So color should be one the first things you consider. Maybe you have decided to go with brown and pink in your new baby girl’s room. There will be many brown and pink nursery gliders from which to choose.

If you had your heart set on a blue nursery, you will certainly be able to find a wide selection of gliders in many shades of blue as well. Any color you can find nursery bedding in, you can likely find a complementary glider in as well.

Once you sit in a Nursery Glider, you will see how comfortable it is and you will definitely want more than one. Many people buy a nursery glider for grandmother’s house as well. Baby will love being rocked in the glider and you will enjoy sitting it in. Unlike hard, cold rocking chairs, gliders are padded and comfortable. They ooze warmth and home. They are a great addition to a nursery, but really they warm up any space in the house. An investment in a quality nursery glider is a smart one because it is a chair you will use throughout the lifetime of the glider.

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