Using Nursery Gliders to Provide Security

One of the most essential pieces of furniture in the nursery is nursery gliders. There is reason for the timeless scene of a mother rocking her baby to sleep: it is a powerful bonding moment for mother and baby. Additionally, the rocking motion helps soothe baby and works to melt away mom’s stress as well.

Rocking your baby in Nursery Gliders is a great way to provide soothing, warmth. Your baby gets a sense of stability, peace, and security from being in your arms as you gently rock both of you.

How to Rock Your Baby

Rocking your baby is not as intimidating as it may seem. As long as you rock slowly, your baby will not startle or become afraid. Count one, two as you rock backwards and three four as you rock forwards. A four-count rock will provide the pacing that babies enjoy most.

When to Rock in Nursery Gliders

You do not have to wait until nightfall to commence rocking. You can rock your baby at nap time or even as you read a story together.

To Rock or Not To Rock (to sleep, that is)

There are differing viewpoints on this topic. Some parents rock their babies completely to sleep in Nursery Gliders. Then they place baby in the crib. Others rock baby until he or she is sleepy. Then they let baby put themselves to sleep in the crib.

Routine is important

Experts do agree that if you are rocking baby for sleeping purposes, then you want to rock in the same place every time. So find a spot for nursery gliders where it can remain and not have to be moved around.


Many parents play soft, soothing music as they rock to help induce sleep as well.

Have baby dressed for bed

You will want to make sure that your baby is bathed and dressed for bed. With a nice pair of clean pajamas, mother’s scent and warmth, and the rocking motion to help out, what baby can resist becoming drowsy?


If you are keyed up, baby cannot relax and get to sleep as well. That is another nice feature of Nursery Gliders. They relax mom as well. A relaxed mom leads to a relaxed baby. And a relaxed baby is one that can sleep better and longer.

Nursery gliders can help you relax, help baby relax and bond you together. In our busy world, it often hard to remember to slow down and do one thing at a time rather than multi-task. But when you are rocking baby in nursery gliders, you are multi-tasking. You are building baby’s neural connections, and helping her get to sleep.

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