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The Psychology of color in Crib Bedding

Color impacts our mood and disposition. Thus, the colors you choose for your nursery—and ultimately your crib bedding—are actually a pretty critical decision.

Some parents think it is pretty simple. You just choose blue for a boy and pink for a girl. And if you don’t know, you just go with yellow or green. But it’s really more complicated than that.

The color blue has a calming impact on people. Thus, for a nursery color, it is a great choice. The color blue is actually symbolic for peace and wisdom. Additionally, blue has been shown to increase productivity, so for the developing mind this is a homerun. Blue can be a cold color, however, so if you get too much in the room with nothing to balance it out, the room may feel too sterile.

The color pink is known to be extremely calming and reassuring. In fact, studies have shown it causes aggression to dissipate.

Green is a color that is hopeful and peaceful. Different shades can evoke different emotions. There is a calmness and tranquility to most shades. Too much green leads to feelings of complacency. Thus, you would be advised to balance green with a warm color such as orange.

Orange is becoming a popular color. It has the excitement and intensity of red without the tendency to provoke aggression. It adds a sense of vitality and originality. However, a room bathed in orange will seem smaller. Make sure there is adequate light in the room if this is your primary color.

Yellow can be very calming if it is a soft shade. Bold yellows promote happiness. However, with babies, bold yellow is not a good choice for the walls. It typically makes them cry. Babies cry more in a yellow room. For Crib Bedding, you can use yellow, but balance out bold shades with other colors.

Pink is a terrific choice for nursery colors. It is a soft, peaceful color. If you are concerned that it is too girly, add some accent colors to dress it up and give it more oomph.

Neutrals are a good pick for Crib Bedding. Research reveals that neutrals are very psychologically grounding. But you want to choose muted shades.

Brown is a great color because it transmits security, and balance. However, brown lacks any emotionality. There is almost a lack of emotional attachment to the color. So it works best when balanced with a stronger color. Pink and blue both work very well with brown. Crib Bedding with this combination are especially attractive. This color combination adds grace and elegance to a nursery.

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