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Harper Nursery Bedding Collection by Cocalo Couture

The Harper Nursery Bedding Collection is stunning it presents a crisp, bold yet classic color combination of navy and white featuring beautiful prints and textured fabrics that are embellished with detailed scroll embroidery and chain trim. The Harper Crib bedding collection will create a beautiful nursery bringing the delight of warm breeze and the calmness of gentle waves into the baby’s room.

Cocalo Couture 4 Piece Crib Bedding Set Includes: Quilt, Bumper, Sheet, and Dust Ruffle

Coordinated nursery bedding accessories available: Fitted Sheet, Window Valance, Musical Mobile, Drapes, Pillow, Hamper, Blanket, Rug, Lamp Base & Shade, Wall Art, and Picture Frames.


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Baby Nursery Decorating Ideas

Decorating your newborn’s room is one of the things you can go overboard with. Don’t get me wrong, it should be nice and reflect a baby’s point of view but don’t over do it. This article will give you some decorating tips and other ideas to consider when getting started on the nursery.In this content, you will come across some information, which will help you to build a good nursery.

Parents decorate based on different things. Just because you’re expecting a girl doesn’t mean you’ll be forced to decorate based on a “Pink Princess” theme. Same thing goes for a boy. Keep in mind that the theme you select should be common enough to find easily. It will be very frustrating to have a theme that’s not complete because it’s too difficult to find in stores. Consider something like Winnie the Pooh or Mickey Mouse. These characters are available in most baby stores.

When it comes to baby Nursery Bedding, you will have to install many important things in it. Furniture, toys, clothing as well as there are many accessories that you should install for providing maximum comfort for your baby.

Baby Nursery decorating ideas are also available online. Moreover, when you are looking online, you will be able to find many websites, which are providing complete details on the set up as well as design. When you are building a nursery, it is very important to make sure it consist a loving environment. The nursery should also entail plenty of bright light and capture allure and essence. If you are worried about the budget of creating a baby nursery, you will be able to find many cheap ideas online. With the help of these ideas, you will be able to provide warm, cozy as well as an inviting feel in your baby nursery.

The wall colors of your baby Nursery Bedding should also be bright. When you are building a nursery for your baby. Considering these above mentioned factors will help you to build a great place for your baby.

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The Psychology of color in Crib Bedding

Color impacts our mood and disposition. Thus, the colors you choose for your nursery—and ultimately your crib bedding—are actually a pretty critical decision.

Some parents think it is pretty simple. You just choose blue for a boy and pink for a girl. And if you don’t know, you just go with yellow or green. But it’s really more complicated than that.

The color blue has a calming impact on people. Thus, for a nursery color, it is a great choice. The color blue is actually symbolic for peace and wisdom. Additionally, blue has been shown to increase productivity, so for the developing mind this is a homerun. Blue can be a cold color, however, so if you get too much in the room with nothing to balance it out, the room may feel too sterile.

The color pink is known to be extremely calming and reassuring. In fact, studies have shown it causes aggression to dissipate.

Green is a color that is hopeful and peaceful. Different shades can evoke different emotions. There is a calmness and tranquility to most shades. Too much green leads to feelings of complacency. Thus, you would be advised to balance green with a warm color such as orange.

Orange is becoming a popular color. It has the excitement and intensity of red without the tendency to provoke aggression. It adds a sense of vitality and originality. However, a room bathed in orange will seem smaller. Make sure there is adequate light in the room if this is your primary color.

Yellow can be very calming if it is a soft shade. Bold yellows promote happiness. However, with babies, bold yellow is not a good choice for the walls. It typically makes them cry. Babies cry more in a yellow room. For Crib Bedding, you can use yellow, but balance out bold shades with other colors.

Pink is a terrific choice for nursery colors. It is a soft, peaceful color. If you are concerned that it is too girly, add some accent colors to dress it up and give it more oomph.

Neutrals are a good pick for Crib Bedding. Research reveals that neutrals are very psychologically grounding. But you want to choose muted shades.

Brown is a great color because it transmits security, and balance. However, brown lacks any emotionality. There is almost a lack of emotional attachment to the color. So it works best when balanced with a stronger color. Pink and blue both work very well with brown. Crib Bedding with this combination are especially attractive. This color combination adds grace and elegance to a nursery.

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Using Nursery Gliders to Provide Security

One of the most essential pieces of furniture in the nursery is nursery gliders. There is reason for the timeless scene of a mother rocking her baby to sleep: it is a powerful bonding moment for mother and baby. Additionally, the rocking motion helps soothe baby and works to melt away mom’s stress as well.

Rocking your baby in Nursery Gliders is a great way to provide soothing, warmth. Your baby gets a sense of stability, peace, and security from being in your arms as you gently rock both of you.

How to Rock Your Baby

Rocking your baby is not as intimidating as it may seem. As long as you rock slowly, your baby will not startle or become afraid. Count one, two as you rock backwards and three four as you rock forwards. A four-count rock will provide the pacing that babies enjoy most.

When to Rock in Nursery Gliders

You do not have to wait until nightfall to commence rocking. You can rock your baby at nap time or even as you read a story together.

To Rock or Not To Rock (to sleep, that is)

There are differing viewpoints on this topic. Some parents rock their babies completely to sleep in Nursery Gliders. Then they place baby in the crib. Others rock baby until he or she is sleepy. Then they let baby put themselves to sleep in the crib.

Routine is important

Experts do agree that if you are rocking baby for sleeping purposes, then you want to rock in the same place every time. So find a spot for nursery gliders where it can remain and not have to be moved around.


Many parents play soft, soothing music as they rock to help induce sleep as well.

Have baby dressed for bed

You will want to make sure that your baby is bathed and dressed for bed. With a nice pair of clean pajamas, mother’s scent and warmth, and the rocking motion to help out, what baby can resist becoming drowsy?


If you are keyed up, baby cannot relax and get to sleep as well. That is another nice feature of Nursery Gliders. They relax mom as well. A relaxed mom leads to a relaxed baby. And a relaxed baby is one that can sleep better and longer.

Nursery gliders can help you relax, help baby relax and bond you together. In our busy world, it often hard to remember to slow down and do one thing at a time rather than multi-task. But when you are rocking baby in nursery gliders, you are multi-tasking. You are building baby’s neural connections, and helping her get to sleep.

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How to Choose Your Nursery Bedding

Nursery BeddingChoosing Nursery Bedding can be somewhat overwhelming. On the one hand, you have so much to do that you are tempted to think it’s not that serious. ‘It’s just sheets and a comforter,’ you may think to yourself. But on the other hand, this is the color scheme you and your baby will live with day in and day out for the next couple of years. The colors and patterns on your nursery bedding in fact set the entire tone and mood of the room. So it is actually a fairly important decision.

Your crib finish does matter.

If your baby’s furniture is darker—such as cherry or mahogany—then you need to choose muted shades of your colors. If you furniture is light, then bolder colors will be more pleasing to the eye.
Nursery Bedding for a Boy
Picking out bedding for a boy can be an emotional experience if you were hoping for a girl. Let’s be honest. There are new moms out there who have been dreaming of a bedroom awash in pink. A lot of mothers-to-be put off shopping for bedding because they can’t get excited about blue. Once you have let go of your vision of a pink room, you can allow yourself to get excited about your baby boy’s bedding.
You are not 100% limited to blue. And even if you do decide to go with blue, you are not doomed to baby or robin’s egg blue. You can get aqua, turquoise, or oceanic colors.
You can also go with a neutral color scheme. There are many pleasing Nursery Bedding with neutral colors. Right now it is very trendy to use chocolate brown as your base color and pair it with blue for boys.
You can pick out a theme and design colors around that. For example, perhaps you want to go for a pirate themed room. Well, you can easily do red and black bedding.
Nursery Bedding for a Girl
Most mothers-to-be are more than thrilled to deck out their baby girl’s room in pink. Other moms purposefully shy away from it because they hate pink, don’t see themselves as girly-girls, or they are simply opposed to playing into stereotypes.
Red is a terrific color for baby bedding for a girl as well. You can still be feminine without going for pink. Purple or lavender is another great—and popular—choice as well.
Nursery bedding in neutral colors can still be very feminine as well. The chocolate brown trend is also for girls. Brown and pink actually look amazing together.
When you are picking Nursery Bedding, be sure to choose something that will make you smile every time you walk into your baby’s room.

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Determine Which Nursery Glider is the Best for you

Nursery GliderIf you are a mother-to-be, you may not be aware of the differences between a Nursery Glider and rocking chair. In fact, you may think they are same thing so it doesn’t really matter when you go to make your purchase. Although they can sometimes look very similar, they are actually very different.

A glider has moving parts that allow the chair to glide—hence its name—silently and safely back and forth to rock baby to sleep. Rocking chairs are considered timeless, but have been known to allow injury to occur and often make noise as they rock.

When you are ready to pick out your Nursery Glider, you want to first determine the color of chair you are interested in. You may want to match your room. You at least want to complement it. Some gliders are very cushioned. Others show the wood color and finish. Determine which type of nursery glider you would like. Some of them look very much like a padded arm chair. They come in a wide array of colors. So color should be one the first things you consider. Maybe you have decided to go with brown and pink in your new baby girl’s room. There will be many brown and pink nursery gliders from which to choose.

If you had your heart set on a blue nursery, you will certainly be able to find a wide selection of gliders in many shades of blue as well. Any color you can find nursery bedding in, you can likely find a complementary glider in as well.

Once you sit in a Nursery Glider, you will see how comfortable it is and you will definitely want more than one. Many people buy a nursery glider for grandmother’s house as well. Baby will love being rocked in the glider and you will enjoy sitting it in. Unlike hard, cold rocking chairs, gliders are padded and comfortable. They ooze warmth and home. They are a great addition to a nursery, but really they warm up any space in the house. An investment in a quality nursery glider is a smart one because it is a chair you will use throughout the lifetime of the glider.

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New Children’s Wall Art Added at Royal Bambino!

Boys Group 3 by Mary Jack Studios  Girls Group 3 by Mary Jack Studios Boys Group 1 by Mary Jack Studios

Take your child’s room to the next level of design while letting their inner nature shine with wonderful new canvas square wall art from Mary Jack Studios! Very chic and modern, squares can be placed singly or in groups, with coordinated themes or contrasting images, for an individual and artistic wall art display.

These versatile pieces of children’s wall art from Mary Jack Studios depict a single item pictured against a colorful backdrop, featuring a fun and expressive definition. For your precious daughter, consider “Sweet” featuring a delicious-looking cupcake and the definition, “Sweet. [sw-EEt]. adj. 1. dear, beloved, precious. 2. pleasant as honey or sugar. 3. Pleasing and agreeable, perfectly delightful.” For your sporting son, consider “Strategy” featuring a baseball and the definition, “Strategy. [strat-i-jee]. N. 1.a plan, method for obtaining a specific result. 2. appropriate use of skill. 3. using essential moves to get the best outcome.”

There are many different items to choose from; four piece sets are available for purchase in several various Girl or Boy themes. Create your own set focused around transportation, music, fishing, butterflies, and more. Or, for further personalizaion, mix similar but unrelated patterns like Lucky, Sound, Juicy and Talk for an expressive artistic display. Options are endless with wall art squares!

Wall art can instantly enhance your nursery or child’s bedroom. Create depth and visual interest, highlight your child’s personality, and accessorize your room decor with fun and colorful canvas squares and other wall art options available at!

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New! Brightly Colored Girl Bedding Bounces in For Summer

New Arrivals has introduced new additions to their trend-setting nursery bedding collections! Just in time for summer, brighten up the nursery with this season’s crib bedding selections for girls!

Two lovely pink collections utilize the feminine hue in fun and original ways. Pink Sugar Baby Crib Bedding is a summery punch colored collection featuring shades of fuchsia, pink and lime green. The polka dot sheet anchors this nursery bedding set, and the fuschia whimsy printed bumpers and patchwork quilt add unique flair. Peek-a-boo pleats in polka dot fabric with adorable ribbon detail makes the crib skirt impossible to resist. The new Bloomin Dahlia collection uses the popular Gypsy Rose fabric on the crib skirt for a light pink and blue floral base, then branches out with a cheery hot pink crib sheet and ribbon bumper ties. The eye-catching white chenille crib bumper brightens this collection and is trimmed in a fanciful candy stripe cording.

If pink’s not in your nursery motif, new neutral bedding options are also available for your baby girl! For a blue and green collection reminiscent of a verdant field under a bright summer sky, consider Blue Haven or Whimsy in Blue crib bedding. Similar to the Bloomin Dahlia collection, Blue Haven uses an aqua polka dot crib sheet with whimsy printed bumpers in olive, as well as a striped crib skirt with sky-colored trim, for fun injections of color and patterns. Whimsy in Blue features whimsy printed bumpers in aqua, with sky-colored ties. Sky crib skirt trimmed in white denim and a white fitted sheet make this set a dazzling nursery bedding collection.

A modern collection, Merry Go Round crib bedding offers an earthy selection in brown with touches of green and aqua. A polka dot crib sheet and merry-go-round printed blanket and bumpers make for a warm bedding set with punches of color. And for the minimalist in all of us, New Arrivals offers the Simply Dandy nursery bedding set, a crisp and clean collection with just the right amount of accent color. A simple chocolate and white damask printed bumper circles the crib, complete with chocolate ribbon ties. The 17″ crib skirt is in a sparkling white denim fabric with chocolate twill peeking out the center pleat. Choose from soft pink, green, or aqua polka dot cotton crib sheet to compliment this stunning collection.

Create a warm and inviting nursery with any of this season’s new girl baby bedding collections from New Arrivals! Find the perfect nursery bedding set for your little girl at Royal Bambino!

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Royal Bambino Now offers Colgate Crib Mattresses

Royal Bambino’s retail storefront located in Murrieta, CA is now offering a new item: Crib Mattresses from Colgate, The Crib Mattress Specialist! Colgate has been producing quality mattresses entirely Made in America since 1955, and their mattresses are recognized as some of the highest quality in the country.

The universal crib mattress fact is that firmer is better for your baby. If a mattress feels comfortable to you, it is too soft for your baby! Babies’ bones are softer and need more support for their growing bodies, so for your baby you should buy the best quality mattress you can afford.

Colgate makes 7 different Innerspring Crib Mattresses, including the 2-in-1 Innerspring Mattress, the most popular mattress they’ve introduced in over 50 years! The 2-in-1 mattress has Dual Firmness, meaning one side is extra firm for an infant and the other side less firm for a toddler, as well as 150 coils, natural coir fiber insulation, and a triple-laminated nylon-reinforced wetproof cover. This mattress is ideal for cribs that convert into toddler or day beds, as your toddler will get lasting comfort from this high quality mattress.

Colgate’s leading Foam mattress is the Classica I, which has been recommended in Baby Bargains for more than 14 years straight and has since become the industry standard for foam crib mattresses. It includes extra-firm foam, non-allergenic triple-laminated anit-dust vinyl cover, square corners for a snug fit in the crib, and is lightweight. Foam has an advantage in that it is the lightest weight type of crib mattress, weighing less than 8lbs as opposed to over 30lbs for a high quality innerspring mattress. Foam provides a solid, firm surface for baby to sleep on; as a plus, toddlers tend to jump less on a foam mattress than on bouncy springs!

Colgate makes Natural and Organic crib mattresses from both innersprings and foam. Royal Bambino likes the Eco-Classica I, as firm and durable as the foam Classica I, but made with foam from renewable, sustainable plant-based materials. The manufacturing process uses less energy and reduces carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Many organic mattresses do not include a waterproof cover, but the Eco-Classica I features a damask cloth sleep surface with a wetproof backing.

Whether you choose an Innerspring, Foam, or Organic Mattress, always buy the firmest and highest-quality mattress available for your baby’s health and well-being. Come in to Royal Bambino‘s retail store Monday – Saturday 10am – 6pm Pacific to take home a quality Colgate Crib Mattress today!

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Migi Little Tree Nursery Bedding by Bananafish

MiGi Little Tree Crib Bedding by Bananafish MiGi Little Tree Crib Bedding by Bananafish MiGi Little Tree Crib Bedding by Bananafish

Perfect for boy or girl, your little darling will have sweet dreams in this serene Little Tree nursery bedding collection by Bananafish. From their MiGi line of bedding, this collection exemplifies the soft color pallette that the line creates so originally. The pastel blue brings the brightness of a spring sky right into the nursery; brilliant orange and green give this collection a dose of energy, and the brown polka dot fabric subtly offsets the solid colors for just the right amount of modern edge.

The Little Tree nursery bedding collection is available as a four piece set, which includes the comforter (35″L x 45″W), crib bumper (160″L x 11″W), crib skirt(28″ x 52″ with a 15″ drop), and fitted sheet (fits 28″ x 52″ standard crib mattress). All bedding items are 100% cotton and machine washable. The Little Tree crib sheet features a repeating leaf pattern in blue, orange, and green colors. Optional accessories can be purchased to coordinate your nursery, including a window valance, crib mobile, hamper, or 2 piece wall art set.

Bananafish is one of the leading nursery bedding manufacturers. Inspired by children, Bananafish nursery bedding could hold the perfect collection for your children’s nursery. Browse Bananafish Nursery Bedding online today!

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