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i’coo Baby Strollers Introduces New Spring Stroller Models!


i’coo has introduced their line of baby strollers now available for 2010! i’coo strollers are German-engineered lightweight strollers with an impressive list of standard features. i’coo makes one incredible umbrella stroller, and two baby strollers that are full stroller systems, complete with bassinet conversion and car seat adaptor bar!

The i’coo Pluto umbrella stroller is the perfect combination of style and performance. This lightweight i’coo Pluto umbrella stroller weighs only 16 lbs, but is weight-tested to hold up to 55 lbs and boasts the largest seat of any umbrella stroller on the market! With independent wheel suspension, an adjustable footrest, reclinable backrest and more, the i’coo Pluto is the most well-equipped lightweight umbrella stroller. This year the i’coo Pluto baby stroller rolls out in 3 bright new colors!

The i’coo Targo and the i’coo Pacific baby strollers and prams are two full stroller systems which include full bassinet conversion, standard car seat adaptor bar, and new height elevation feature, as well as an abundance of standard features. The useful height elevation feature brings the stroller up to table height, rendering a high chair unnecessary and allowing easier access to the basket below! The i’coo Targo baby stroller is available in five color schemes including two Disney-themed models featuring Mickey Mouse design. This year’s i’coo Pacific baby stroller is a stylish new design offered in 4 different colors!

Also available from i’coo’s sister company Rock Star Baby created by legendary Bon Jovi drummer Tico Torres is the Rock Star Baby Turbo stroller! Similar in design to the remarkable i’coo Pluto umbrella stroller, the Rock Star Baby Turbo is an extra-lightweight baby stroller featuring adjustable footrest and reclinable backrest, and displays an embroidered Rock Star logo across the seat back and the Turbo’s star design on the footrest and canopy. Get style, comfort, and portability with Rock Star Baby!

Browse the full selection of i’coo and Rock Star Baby well-equiped German-engineered lightweight baby strollers at RoyalBambino.com today!

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UPPAbaby Vista Stroller

RoyalBambino.com recognizes one stroller system that stands out for its many positive features and its ability to give you the best of all worlds – the Vista Stroller System by UPPAbaby!  The Vista Stroller System is both a pram and a stroller! Featuring a completely interchangeable lie-flat bassinet and a stroller seat, with easy-to-read red and green safe attachment indicators, this carriage is suitable from birth and beyond. The Vista Stroller’s bassinet is fully lined with an eco-inspired blend of organic soybean and cotton fibers, so no synthetic fabrics touch your newborn baby, and all the fabric is removable and machine washable! The Vista Stroller System also has features designed with mom in mind! Large under seat storage basket, a hidden cell phone zip pocket, and new optional collapsible cup holder are just a few! Many new accessories have come out this year thanks to moms’ suggestions, and now the high-end luxury Vista Stroller System really has it all. 

UPPAbaby is an eco-friendly company, dedicated to creating a better environment for our children. Every stroller in their wonderful line is highly rated for quality and performance, and the Vista Stroller System is always at the top of the list! In 2009 it has been showcased on the Martha Stewart Show as a “Baby Must-Have,” and was featured on the Ellen DeGeneres Show during her Mother’s Day special.

Invest in a high-quality luxury stroller that both you and your kids will love using to stroll around town! View the Vista Stroller System and the selection of UPPAbaby Strollers that Royal Bambino has to offer at RoyalBambino.com today!

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Baby Prams

Before the invention of the Stroller so commonly seen today, there was the Pram, or Baby Carriage. Prams have come a very long way since their invention, when they were a simple basket on wheels! The modern Pram is lighter in weight, collapsible. A Pram is basically a bassinet on wheels; the child lies flat and faces the parents.  A Pram’s rear-facing seat means your baby is close under your watchful eye. A Pram has a collapsible shade that can be raised to shield baby from the sun, and a blanket thrown over the front will completely insulate baby from the elements!

The classic design of a Pram or Baby Carriage is perfect for strolling in a park or around town! Many companies make a version of a Pram, and styles vary from classic to contemporary. Inglesina makes ornate style prams for strolling in elegance; feel as if you are strolling though the 1800s! For a longer-lasting option, try more contemporary Travel Systems, such as those by Peg-Perego or UPPAbaby, featuring interchangeable Pram and Stroller seats, and even include an option for hooking a car seat right onto the stroller frame. These Prams come in modern colors and are easily collapsible for getting in or out of the car. A travel system gives you the best of both designs!

Visit us at RoyalBambino.com for a complete array of the finest Baby Carriages, Prams, and also Strollers available!

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