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Expand Your Space with Wall Sconces

           Mars White Single Sconce by Maura Daniel

Wall Sconces are small, individually contained lighting fixtures that are mounted high on a wall to provide accent lighting and dynamic visuals when decorating a room in a home. They cast lovely shadows and pools of light that enhance any space. Wall Sconces are often found in living rooms, dining rooms, and stairwells, to add sophistication and outline the room, and they can also be used to great effect in bedrooms and nurseries.

Wall Sconces are not usually the only lighting for a room, but they are a great way to open up a space by lighting the perimeter. Placed high on a wall, they draw the eye to the edge of the space, outlining the room and giving a pleasing accent glow. A wall sconce is usually installed into the wall and is often attached to a dimmer switch, which provides ample mood lighting for many situations. Aside from creating the illusion of space, a wall sconce can actually save space since it doesn’t take up room on the floor or a table or nightstand. If the wiring is intalled into the walls, there won’t even be any cords for your children to get tangled in!

Wall Sconces can repeat and highlight other details in the decor, such as scrolling in a headboard or crystal pendants on a lampshade. They work well as stand-alone art pieces, or to accentuate paintings or clustered wall art.  Use two to accent a vanity mirror, or to either side of a bed. The design options are endless, and the addition of a Wall Sconce can only enhance your decor!

Royal Bambino carries many beautiful options in Wall Sconces. We feature sconces with shades, sconces that mimic candles with their open bulbs, sconces with crystal pendants, and more. Use our Wall Sconces to add glamour, warmth, and visual appeal to your child’s bedroom or nursery – or any other room in your home!

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New Arrivals Wall Art Letters

New Arrivals baby and children’s bedding and accessories is the manufacturer of best-selling Wooden Hanging Letters! These 9″ tall letters are hand-painted white and include a hanging ribbon in over 30 different ribbon patterns! Hang these adorable wooden letters to add a sense of whimsy to your child’s room. Also available are Framed Wooden Hanging Letters, a 5″ letter fancifully framed in a 8.5″ frame with either scalloped or straight edges, and available in over 20 different background options with matching hanging ribbon! And new from New Arrivals are Polka Dot Letters! These 5″ letters come in 5 pastel colors with white polka dots sure to brighten up any room!  New Arrivals Wooden Letters are a terrific wall art option for any nursery or child’s room, providing personalization as well as adorable room decor!

   Framed Letter B 

Spell out phrases, names, or quotations! Do full names, initials, or just the first letter! The options are endless with a full alphabet of Wooden Letters available in so many styles, colors, and choices that your nursery will be truly customized to your baby! Browse the many options in Wooden Wall Art Letters today!

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New Fabric Letters Now Available!

Royal Bambino has always carried best-selling wooden hanging letters from New Arrivals! New Fabric Letters are Available Now at RoyalBambino.com! Available in Blue and Green or Pink and Green fabrics for boys or girls, these 5″ high letters are covered in polka dot, gingham, stripe, or solid fabrics. Each adorable letter comes as shown. Use these Fabric Letters to spell out sweet phrases, quotations, or your baby’s name! Fabric Letters can add a personal touch to the nursery, and work as beautiful and functional Wall Art elements to add designer flare to your baby’s room. Browse the full selection of Wall Art Letters Now Available through Royal Bambino!

Pink and Green Fabric Letters By New Arrivals Blue and Green Fabric Letters By New Arrivals

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New Girl’s Barrett Holders Available!

Royal Bambino now carries Girl’s Barrett Holders from New Arrivals! New Arrivals children’s bedding and accessories never fails to hit the mark for functionality, style, and overall cuteness! These new Girl’s Barrett Holders are no exception. No more digging through drawers and baskets filled with loose barretts and clips; these Barrett Holders are a convenient and whimsical way to keep your little girl’s barretts close at hand!  Similar in design to a memory board, pretty ribbons crossed over designer fabric hold all your daughter’s barretts in an attractive arrangement. These Girl’s Barrett Holders double as beautiful wall art pieces that fill empty wall space with a sweet decor item you and your daughter will use for years. Available in 8 different fabrics to match any color scheme, you are certain to find one you will fall in love with. View New Arrivals’ new Girl’s Barrett Holders at Royal Bambino today!

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Cottage Dreams Creates a Dream Nursery with Heirloom Baby Bedding

Cottage Dreams  bedding creates beautiful heirloom-quality crib bedding with handmade style crafted from the finest fabrics. Their stylish baby bedding sets are sophisticated collections meant to last from generation to generation; even Cottage Dreams’ modern bedding sets have a refined element that makes these offerings a wonderful choice for crib bedding that will be the focal point of your nursery décor.

The simplest Cottage Dreams design comes in the form of Ivory and Latte Satin, a precious ivory bedding set with ruffled crib bumpers and bed skirt trimmed in latte colored satin with plush minky interior. Classy Minky Fleur collections, available in latte with ivory or lavender accent color, feature minky interior and a fleur-patterned bumper and blanket with trimmed bed skirt. Vintage Shabby Rose bedding features rose-printed bumpers and blanket in soft pink and white for a delicate floral collection perfect for a little girl; for your newborn boy, Blue Minky Damask features brightly colored damask printed bumpers and bed skirt.

Cottage Dreams offers modernized designs for a classy nursery; demure Brown and White Damask works equally well for a boy or girl. Modern Elephant crib bedding features a crib bumper with patterned elephants against bright blue, a polka dot crib skirt, and bright green trim for a burst of energy in a traditional nursery. Modern Zoo bedding features eclectic zoo animal printed bumpers in a brown color palette with green trim; the New Modern Zoo collection lightens the design with light blue trim and bed sheet. Tile Flower is reminiscent of Asian design with red flowers tiled across the crib bumper and blanket and accented with black and white polka dot crib sheet and red striped bed skirt.

Cottage Dreams makes these and more bedding collections for a beautiful nursery that will last for years; they also offer youth bedding, with pillow shams, bed skirts and duvets available for twin, full, queen or king beds! And Cottage Dreams has Custom Options Available – contact Royal Bambino for information on creating custom baby bedding with any combination of Cottage Dreams’ beautiful fabrics! Choose Cottage Dreams baby bedding for beautiful crib bedding that you will save and treasure long after your children have grown.

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CoCaLo Bedding Offers Diverse Options for the Nursery

CoCaLo baby bedding contains three lines of baby crib bedding to offer a bedding collection that works in any household. The CoCaLo Baby line features baby bedding in lighthearted newborn colors and patterns; CoCaLo Couture is a fashion-forward line of sophisticated baby bedding in mature designs for a nursery that flows with your home décor; and new CoCaLo Naturals line protects your baby with 100% organic cotton and environmentally friendly dyes, and offers beautiful and serene designs inspired by nature.

CoCaLo Baby’s beautiful girl bedding sets include the highly popular Sugar Plum bedding, featuring butterflies and flowers to add whimsy to any little girl’s room. Abby’s Farm is an unique girl-themed farm bedding set, and new Jacana bedding collection is a feminine safari animal design. CoCaLo Baby’s charming boy bedding includes Work Zone and Scooter sets, featuring construction equipment or cars in brown and blue with stripe accents, and Sports Fan bedding depicting various game balls in masculine colors. Best-selling Alphabet Soup is a colorful neutral collection featuring whimsical animals, letters, and numbers, and adorable new Turtle Reef design shows large turtles swimming against a background of cool blue and ocean green, for a loveable undersea collection for any baby.

CoCaLo Couture contains stylish crib bedding for a refined nursery that is a comfortable addition to your living space. Aidan is a boyish houndstooth and stripes crib bedding collection in brick red, rich brown and blue, with antique toy themed accessories. Feminine Delilah crib bedding is a sunny and sophisticated collection featuring brown and yellow brocade with delicate embroidered flowers on the crib bumper and quilt. Tranquil Bali and new Tahiti crib bedding offer an island getaway feel with calming tropical colors and patterns, all for a nursery that fits naturally in your home.

CoCaLo Naturals currently contains two lovely collections of organic baby beddingSerene crib bedding in brown, ivory, and raspberry, and Tranquil crib bedding in peacock-blue, brown and ivory. These designs feature botanical and bamboo patterns inspired by nature to create a stylish and eco-friendly nursery.

CoCaLo baby bedding collections also offer coordinating accessory options to extend theme elements throughout the nursery, including picture frames, mobiles, wall art, lamps, rugs, and other additions to complete your nursery décor. CoCaLo offers a wide selection of beautifully designed baby bedding collections that bring you a respected name and a designer theme for your baby’s nursery.

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HooHobbers – Classic Baby Bedding for Traditional Nurseries

HooHobbers’ wide line of baby bedding offers many crib sets in classic colors and patterns just right for outfitting a traditional nursery. Offering several bed sets in pink, blue, and green color schemes, as well as brightly multi-colored options, the HooHobber’s line has something for your nursery.


Many HooHobbers bedding sets are available in multiple color schemes to suit your nursery. Classic Pink, Blue, or Green collections offer an updated look with bedding sets trimmed in rich chocolate. Dots, available in green, pink, and blue, alternates deep chocolate with bright fun polka dots for a modernized tone. Fit for girls or boys, blue-and-green themed Dragon Buzz sparks the imagination, and blue and yellow striped Go Fish collection is a peaceful bedding set with an oceanic undertone. Brightly colored Primary Checkers offers a yellow, blue, and light red bed set just right for those first years. The Etoile collections are sweet classic options, with vintage printed coverlet and matching dust ruffle and bumpers, available in blue, green, pink, black, and lime-and-blue bedding sets. Unique HooHobbers offerings include Retro Circles, a vintage red and cream design; China Doll, Asian-inspired florals in red and green; and Versailles, black and white crib bedding with patterned damask bumpers and bed skirt.

All Hoohobbers bed sets are 100% cotton and machine washable, with duvet-style crib bumpers, and matching accessories are available from every collection, including window treatments, hampers, ottomans, and more. Personalized crib blankets and bumpers are available! Hoohobbers baby bedding is proudly made in America, and offers baby bedding sets perfect for the parent with classic tastes. Find clean, simple baby bedding to match any nursery theme from Hoohobbers baby bedding.

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My Baby Sam – Beautiful Bedding for Every Nursery


My Baby Sam is a sister company to New Arrivals, Inc., that offers baby crib bedding with a high-end look and feel that is affordable for every nursery. My Baby Sam baby bedding collections range from traditional to modern to create the perfect bedding for any taste.

Go Car Go is My Baby Sam’s best-selling boy bedding set, featuring a classic rounded car beneath a crescent moon and adorable embroidered “beep-beep” on the crib bumper and quilt, in an endearing color scheme of tan, brown, and light blue. Inventive Mad About Plaid baby bedding combines paisley, gingham, stripes, and polka dots for a fun, fresh crib set available in blue or pink with chocolate. Fun bright Paisley Splash baby bedding set contains a beautiful paisley printed bumper and quilt with brown polka dot sheets, available in pink or lime green. Baby Love crib bedding is an adorable collection in pink and brown featuring hearts, stripes, polka dots, and ribbons for heartwarming baby bedding. Flower Power crib bedding set displays large flowers in contemporary pink, tan, and chocolate. Sweet Dreams crib bedding is a delightful collection in pink and lime, featuring polka dots, ruffles, and a sweet pink bird to sing your little girl to sleep. Thank Heaven For Li’l Girls is a soft pastel entry in white, pink, light green, with those sweet words beautifully embroidered on the crib bumpers and quilt. For a charming take on a classic design, Vintage Floral crib bedding is a chic set with vintage floral print accented with pink stripes and polka dots.

Beautiful My Baby Sam crib bedding also offers coordinating pieces for nursery décor, including mobiles, rugs, wall art, diaper stackers, hampers, and window valences! My Baby Sam collection offers baby crib bedding by the same designer as the chic New Arrivals line and brings her inspired collections to every nursery. Choose affordable and fun baby bedding for your baby’s bedroom from My Baby Sam!

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New Arrivals Bedding is First Class

New Arrivals, Inc. is a forward-thinking company that creates stylish, high-end baby bedding and décor for a classy nursery! Their line of crib bedding contains many traditional and contemporary bedding options to provide something beautiful for every taste!

English Rose Garden Crib Bedding by New Arrivals Gypsy Baby Crib Bedding by New Arrivals 

One of New Arrivals’ best-selling bedding sets is English Rose Garden. This set is a precious pink, antique linen, and light chocolate bedding collection with old rose garden toile for a delicate antique feel. The popular English Rose Garden bedding set was chosen by Jennie Garth and Brooke Burke for their little girls’ nurseries! This delicate collection is perfect for creating a soft and peaceful space for your little girl. New Arrivals bedding collections with a similar look and feel include Bed of Roses, featuring a larger pink floral pattern; Gypsy, a delicate set in antique linen, light chocolate, and aqua; and Sweet Vintage, in antique linen and gray and white floral bouquets with khaki accents. Any of these baby bedding sets will create a classy space with vintage feel for your infant’s nursery; Gypsy and Sweet Vintage also work well for baby boys.


New Arrivals also makes fun bedding sets for your baby. Sock Monkey bed set features an adorable sock monkey print accented with red and wheat gingham perfect for a boy or girl. Popular Giddy Up retro cowboy bedding has been redesigned to include vintage printed bumpers and brown cow bed sheet! Sugar Baby is a bright green paisley-printed bedding set accented with hot pink that will energize any nursery. Tranquil Serendipity baby bedding is avocado and chocolate with a soft fun flower pattern.

New Arrivals’ wide line includes many other baby bedding collections, such as Wynken Blynken and Nod featuring a green polka dot sheet; Snips and Snails in navy and rusty red; bright Pocket of Posies in pink and turquoise; and so many more! The Harlequin Baby and Baby Bella bedding sets are perfect for sets of boy and girl twins! Harlequin Baby is available in pink or blue polka dot, with brown polka dot sheet and 4-patch blanket. The more contemporary Baby Bella collection is available in pink or lime, and features dark chocolate scrolling pattern and a pleated bed skirt with chocolate buttons.

New Arrivals baby bedding is available in high-end boutiques, and is always available at RoyalBambino.com! Their hugely popular hanging letters are a best-seller, along with coordinating nursery décor. Join the likes of Christina Aguilera, Julia Roberts, and Sean “Diddy” Combs in outfitting your nursery with a beautiful baby bedding collection from New Arrivals, Inc!

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Glenna Jean Sets a High Standard

Glenna Jean is a trusted name in baby bedding, and their inspired traditional and contemporary baby bedding designs are made from high-quality luxury materials so that every piece of your crib bedding set feels as wonderful as it looks!

Glenna Jean offers many bedding sets in conventional colors and patterns for the traditionalist who wants the best for the nursery.  Scribbles, offered in both blue and pink, offers a fun scribble design with soft cut velvets accented with rich mocha and chocolate colors, for a modern take on a traditional color scheme. Glenna Jean’s beautiful baby bedding collections in pastel pink and white include Baby Ella, Emma, Isabella, Madison, Paige, and many more. Glenna Jean’s more masculine options include Central Park, in glacier blue and white; Ashton, in masculine green, cream, and brown; and Esquire, subtle sophistication in blue and mocha.


Glenna Jean’s baby bedding line doesn’t end there! Inspired feminine sets include Mackenzie, which offers an upbeat and modern floral design in bright kiwi, cherry, and graphite, and Zelda, a minimalist black-and-white polka dot design with brightly colored throw pillows for a fresh look. Many of Glenna Jean’s crib bedding sets are stunning neutral patterns that work for both boys and girls! Modern and earth-inspired Echo features a crisp circle pattern to accent mocha, celadon, and avocado solids.  Unique Keyed Up bedding set features keyboard symbols such as @ and # in a slate blue against a chocolate background for the modern tech-savvy family. Bedding sets inspired by worldly designs include Out of Africa, Serengetti, and Tanzania, which feature animal prints and jungle designs in rich golds, browns, and creams; Sticky Rice, offering a rich red and coffee colored bed set with modern Asian patterned accents; and Wabi Sabi, with contemporary eastern florals in red, white, and black.

Glenna Jean is one of the highest quality manufacturers of baby bedding available today, and the oldest privately held infant bedding company in the U.S.!  Glenna Jean has been voted “Best in Bedding” for the last four years in a row by Baby and Children’s Product News! Choose only the best baby bedding proudly made in America for your baby’s nursery. Offering coordinating accessory items such as mobiles, diaper stackers, window treatments and more, you can’t lose with Glenn Jean!

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