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Baby Jogger Strollers and Joggers

In 1984 the founder of the Baby Jogger Company invented the first baby jogger to spend more time with his infant son, and they have only improved upon it since then!  Celbrating their 25th anniversary this year, Baby Jogger now offers 4 City Series strollers and 3 High Performance Joggers, with a new jogger anticipated for Fall 2009! The City Mini is a true leader in the lightweight stroller category; in 2008 it received both the NAPPA Gold Award and the Mother and Baby Gold Award, proving that it is indeed a superior stroller! New in 2009, the Summit 360 is a stroller/jogger hybrid featuring all-wheel suspension that goes from city to trails instantly. The Summit 360 has already won the NAPPA Gold Award, as well as the PTPA Media Award, after only two months for sale!

No stroller on the market beats Baby Jogger for easy folding – with their patented Quick-Fold Technology, an easy one-step pull handle collapses the stroller flat, with no tricks or releases to manage! And with the accessories that can be added onto the universal mounting bracket (car seat adapter, bassinet, belly bar, child tray, and jump seat), the Baby Jogger is truly the perfect stroller!

Many celebrities have chosen the City Series as their stroller of choice, including Lawrence Fishburn, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Garner, and most recently Halle Berry! Available in a wide range of colors, from basic black or blue to the Mini’s eye-catching orange and grey, the City Strollers will get noticed around town! Kjersti Plätzer, Track and Field three time world record holder, and Alisa Harvey, Women’s One Mile Run world record holder, train with their children in Baby Jogger’s Performance Jogger, the best choice for serious runners.

View the Baby Jogger selection as well as other stroller options available at RoyalBambino.com today!

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