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Little Castle Nursery Glider Quick Ship Program Available In-Store Now!

Little Castle Custom Gliders

Whether you are a new mom-to -be looking for a nursery glider to add that finishing touch to the nursery Little Castle Nursery Gliders can help you with a wide array of options to meet nearly any design choice.

Any Little Castle Chair can become a one of a kind masterpiece. The gliders swivel and offer you a smooth gliding motion with features such as taller backs to support the head and neck as well as higher arm rest to provide the support needed while nursing. There is many glider models to choose from ranging in size and style from the smallest cottage glider  to the larger chair and a half. The chair in a half is a great choice if you are having twins.

Royal Bambino offers Free Fabric Swatches for Little Castle Gliders. A nursery glider is a must have for any nursery , and will be a comfortable and cozy place to enjoy for many years.

Little Castle offers over 100 fabric choices to customize your nursery glider. With so many fabric options you can decide whether the nursery glider will be staying in the nursery or easily transition to the family room.

The new quick ship program can be ordered in-store it offers the cottage glider, cottage recliner and the capri glider along with the standard gliding ottoman in the choice of seven different fabrics: Micro Suede Cafe, Valetti Chocolate, Micro Suede Silver, Mirage Rattan, Mirage Green Tea, Lexington and Twill Blanca. With a delivery time of 8-10 working days. Now there is no need to wait 6-8 weeks for the options listed above.

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How to Buy a Nursery Glider

Buying a Nursery Glider is an important part of stocking your nursery. The room would be incomplete without a glider chair in the room. When you’re giving the baby a late night feeding and getting her back to sleep, you’ll be glad you invested in a nursery glider. If you know you want to buy one, but you don’t know where to begin, you’ve come to the right place. Today’s glider chairs come in many colors and styles. The first decision you want to make is what color. Do you want the chair to match your nursery décor? Or do you want one that’s more neutral so you can move it into a common room after your baby has become too old for a nursery?

Nursery gliders are preferable to rocking chair because the motion is so much smoother and safer. They have a sturdier base than rocking chairs so they won’t fall over. And they glide rather than rock, which is so much more gentle and peaceful. Gliders are edging out rocking chairs for these reasons. With a glider you don’t have to worry about injuring pets or baby pulling the chair over on themselves once they can crawl. Nursery gliders with tall backs will be so much more comfortable. When you spent hours and hours in a chair-many of them in the wee hours of the morning-you’ll want that support. Ottomans are a nice accessories for your nursery glider. You can rest your feet on them, which benefits your circulation. You want a nursery glider that is comfortable to sit in and that you can extricate yourself from with ease.

Your nursery glider should be upholstered in fabric that is easy to clean and wipe up. This is important since babies are notorious for drooling and spitting up. Plus bottles and sippy cups leak and spill. You may even consider a slipcover for your glider. Nursery gliders are not a cheap piece of furniture. You will want to shop around, but beware of cheaply made gliders. You will not be happy in the long run, so the money you save is just money you wasted on what you did spend. If you have to replace the glider or you simply don’t use the one you bought, you’ll wish you’d spent the extra cash to get a quality glider for your baby’s nursery. As much as you will use it, the extra funds are worth it for this item. Some glider chairs have a swivel function, which is very nice for giving baby a new view of his world. You want to buy a glider that you can sit in with your feet on the floor. You want armrests that will extend the length of your arms so it can support you. You want the back of the chair to have a curve to it so it will provide optimal support as you spend hours sitting in it with baby. Nursery gliders are a great addition to any nursery. Make sure to shop for one now.

Royal Bambino offers unique, distinctive, and high-quality Nursery Furniture including Nursery Gliders and Nursery Bedding, and nursery room decor. Visit Royal Bambino for a complete array of baby products.

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Custom Options for your Little Castle Upholstered Glider

Little Castle Nursery Glider

Little Castle Furniture Company produces high quality upholstered swivel gliders. Little Castle is popular amongst parents because of its wide variety of custom fabric options. All Little Castle gliders are fully customizable. You may choose to use a fabric from their wide variety of fabrics or provide your own fabric to design the perfect nursery glider.

Other  glider options available are a ruffled or tailored skirt, contrast piping or if you would like to contrast your glider with several fabrics it is possible! you can give us a call and we will help you design a one of a kind nursery glider. There is also many choices available for a matching ottoman with a hassock (round stationary ottoman) ,  a  traditional stationary ottoman, swivel/gliding ottoman or the most popular gliding ottoman.

All Little Castle gliders are made in the USA, ensuring the highest standards of  production.

Visit us to view the complete collection of Little Castle nursery gliders.

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How to get the most appropriate Nursery Glider for your Nursery

A nursery glider is comfortable, relaxing and a must have piece of furniture for a mother.  It makes a beautiful and functional addition to a nursery.

A nursery glider comes in a number of different models and colors. You can choose a glider or a glider-recliner or an oversized chair and a half.  Nursery gliders are preferable to a rocking chair because the motion is so much smoother and safer. Babies love feeling the safety and warmth of their mother’s arms.

A nursery glider should not make any unwanted sounds. A rocking glider chair that makes noises can disturb your calmness and the sleep of your baby and your baby will never get sleep. You want a chair that will match the theme and color of your baby’s nursery so you need to carefully select the one that is secure and relaxing. It is essential for you to allocate a good amount of money to get the nursery glider that will be perfect for your needs. When choosing a  baby glider you  should take into consideration the colors or theme of the nursery or if any other rooms where you will be placing the glider.

A good nursery glider will not only provide the perfect spot to feed or nurse a baby, but creates a space to bond for many years.

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Cottage Recliner By Little Castle-Details!

Nursery Glider The Cottage Recliner By Little Castle offers a smooth gliding, 360 degree swivel and it reclines!

The Cottage recliner comes with an attached pillow back, reversible seat cushion and traditional arms

The dimension are : 36W”x35D”x40H” 

The Seat Width is 22″

Arm Width is 6 1/2″

Moms and dads spend many hours feeding and soothing their newborn, a comfortable nursery glider is the best choice for those long nights. Little Castle offers many options to customize your nursery glider With over 100 fabric choices and the option to select contrast piping.  You can design a nursery glider that will fit perfectly in the nursery or any other room of your choice. If you cannot find a fabric that matches your decor, you may also provide your own fabric to upholster your glider. If you would like to provide your own fabric give us a call for all the details including fabric requirements. Our customer service phone number is 877-506-1262

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Purchasing the Finest Possible Nursery Glider

Basically, purchasing a nursery glider is a prime significant aspect of supplying or sustaining the nursery. It can be considered an almost nil nursery room without a nursery glider on it. In fact, realization of its advantages comes at its best when the chair is badly needed, as in providing the baby a midnight nourishment or feeding, and then making him or her return to a comfortable sleeping. When the necessity comes to you, whether abruptly or not, but no idea comes to your mind about how or where to commence, you have picked the right choice of consultation. The most recent, stylistic, and most modest Nursery Glider appears in various colors. Frequently, the major turning point in selecting is the color of the nursery glider. After the most appropriate color has been chosen, the next thing to decide upon is to whether select a fabric to match the nursery or another room in the house if you plan on moving the chair from the nursery. You may also select a nursery glider that looks unbiased so that it can be transferred to another room confidently when baby has turned into an older stage of life.

Nursery gliders get the better off the rocking chairs for reasons of security and convenience. Additionally, there’s that tougher foundation of it as compared to a rocking chair, so as avoiding tumbling. Also, as its name implies, a nursery glider is far more calming, pacific, and serene. These factors pile up for the advantage of it to rocking chairs. Nursery gliders have a ball-bearing mechanism that lets you glider back and forth for hours with hardly any strain on the lower-back. There is also what they call Ottomans to allow you to put your feet at ease and relaxation, improving body circulation. For sure, you would opt to buy a Nursery Glider that’s easy to engage with, and not difficult to detach with.

Nursery gliders are available in hundreds of styles and sizes from smaller size gliders designed for smaller rooms or oversized chairs as the chair and a half. Whether you decide on a fully upholstered glider, slip-covered or a recliner. Furnished with hundreds of fabric options you will be able to select a glider that will complement your nursery décor or a neutral fabric that will fit into the décor of another room of your choice.  Your selection should reflect your own taste and lifestyle.

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Using Nursery Gliders to Provide Security

One of the most essential pieces of furniture in the nursery is nursery gliders. There is reason for the timeless scene of a mother rocking her baby to sleep: it is a powerful bonding moment for mother and baby. Additionally, the rocking motion helps soothe baby and works to melt away mom’s stress as well.

Rocking your baby in Nursery Gliders is a great way to provide soothing, warmth. Your baby gets a sense of stability, peace, and security from being in your arms as you gently rock both of you.

How to Rock Your Baby

Rocking your baby is not as intimidating as it may seem. As long as you rock slowly, your baby will not startle or become afraid. Count one, two as you rock backwards and three four as you rock forwards. A four-count rock will provide the pacing that babies enjoy most.

When to Rock in Nursery Gliders

You do not have to wait until nightfall to commence rocking. You can rock your baby at nap time or even as you read a story together.

To Rock or Not To Rock (to sleep, that is)

There are differing viewpoints on this topic. Some parents rock their babies completely to sleep in Nursery Gliders. Then they place baby in the crib. Others rock baby until he or she is sleepy. Then they let baby put themselves to sleep in the crib.

Routine is important

Experts do agree that if you are rocking baby for sleeping purposes, then you want to rock in the same place every time. So find a spot for nursery gliders where it can remain and not have to be moved around.


Many parents play soft, soothing music as they rock to help induce sleep as well.

Have baby dressed for bed

You will want to make sure that your baby is bathed and dressed for bed. With a nice pair of clean pajamas, mother’s scent and warmth, and the rocking motion to help out, what baby can resist becoming drowsy?


If you are keyed up, baby cannot relax and get to sleep as well. That is another nice feature of Nursery Gliders. They relax mom as well. A relaxed mom leads to a relaxed baby. And a relaxed baby is one that can sleep better and longer.

Nursery gliders can help you relax, help baby relax and bond you together. In our busy world, it often hard to remember to slow down and do one thing at a time rather than multi-task. But when you are rocking baby in nursery gliders, you are multi-tasking. You are building baby’s neural connections, and helping her get to sleep.

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Determine Which Nursery Glider is the Best for you

Nursery GliderIf you are a mother-to-be, you may not be aware of the differences between a Nursery Glider and rocking chair. In fact, you may think they are same thing so it doesn’t really matter when you go to make your purchase. Although they can sometimes look very similar, they are actually very different.

A glider has moving parts that allow the chair to glide—hence its name—silently and safely back and forth to rock baby to sleep. Rocking chairs are considered timeless, but have been known to allow injury to occur and often make noise as they rock.

When you are ready to pick out your Nursery Glider, you want to first determine the color of chair you are interested in. You may want to match your room. You at least want to complement it. Some gliders are very cushioned. Others show the wood color and finish. Determine which type of nursery glider you would like. Some of them look very much like a padded arm chair. They come in a wide array of colors. So color should be one the first things you consider. Maybe you have decided to go with brown and pink in your new baby girl’s room. There will be many brown and pink nursery gliders from which to choose.

If you had your heart set on a blue nursery, you will certainly be able to find a wide selection of gliders in many shades of blue as well. Any color you can find nursery bedding in, you can likely find a complementary glider in as well.

Once you sit in a Nursery Glider, you will see how comfortable it is and you will definitely want more than one. Many people buy a nursery glider for grandmother’s house as well. Baby will love being rocked in the glider and you will enjoy sitting it in. Unlike hard, cold rocking chairs, gliders are padded and comfortable. They ooze warmth and home. They are a great addition to a nursery, but really they warm up any space in the house. An investment in a quality nursery glider is a smart one because it is a chair you will use throughout the lifetime of the glider.

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Cottage Recliner by Little Castle


The Cottage Nursery Glider, one of the most popular Little Castle Chairs, is also available in a Recliner!

The Cottage Recliner by Little Castle is a full sized chair, 36″W x 35″D x 40″H, featuring a 360 degree swivel, a smooth glide, and a full recline! If you’ve sucessfully rocked your sweet baby to sleep, stretch out and join her with one smooth reclining motion. The recliner handle is deftly hidden on the interior of the chair, giving this recliner a sleek, streamlined look. The reclining footrest easily pushes down with pressure from your legs. For even more versatility, add an ottoman to your recliner chair to put your feet up without reclining. The Cottage Recliner has an attached pillow back, traditional arms, and a reversible loose cushion.

The Cottage Nursery Glider Recliner can be custom covered in any one or any combination of Little Castle fabrics, with over 120 options to choose from! It can also be custom covered in any upholstery grade fabric of your own choosing, using 8 yards of solid fabric or 10 yards of printed fabric. A little castle recliner has a tailored bottom edge with no skirt or trim. Available customization options include piping – an additional 1 yard of custom fabric, arm covers – 2 yards of fabric, or a variety of pillows – one yard of fabric each.

A glider recliner can be used in a living room or family room, or even your own bedroom, once your child is done nursing! Consider using fabrics that match your home decor to get the most versatility out of your new Little Castle chair!

The cozy Cottage Nursery Glider Recliner by Little Castle is a chair you will admire and use for years. Little Castle chairs usually ship in 6-8 weeks, so order your Little Castle Glider today!

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Customize Your Little Castle Royal Nursery Glider

 Custom Royal Glider by Little Castle The Royal Glider by Little Castle is every woman’s dream. A chair fit for a queen, the Royal Glider features a ruffled skirt and a solid cushion reminiscent of a throne.  It has a gently curved back and arms for a delicate, sophisticated feel, and a tight back for firm support. The high arms on this glider are wonderful for helping support your baby during nursing.  The dimensions of the Royal Nursery Glider are 33″ W x 33″ D x 40″ H.

The Royal Glider can be made in any one of over 120 available Little Castle fabrics, or personalized further with your own custom fabric. If you choose to supply your own upholstery-grade fabric, you would need 8 yards of solid fabric or 10 yards of printed fabric that is at least 54″ wide to cover this nursery glider. You can use one fabric or several fabrics, and line drawings (similar to the picture above) are available to detail exactly where each custom fabric is intended to be placed. Little Castle gliders even offer piping trim, which creates a striking look in a contrasting fabric; to include piping you would need to supply 1 additional yard of fabric.

The Royal Glider loose cushion can also be ordered with as a slipcovered glider to allow for easy cleaning or simple fabric updates. In that instance, the slipcover is made in your chosen fabric, and the nursery glider itself is covered in a simple white fabric. For a slipcover in a custom fabric, you would need to supply 7 yards of solid or 11 yards of printed upholstery-grade fabric. The Royal Glider is also available with further customization options, including a tailored skirt instead of ruffled (same yardage applies), arm covers (2 yards of fabric), a loose cushion instead of a solid cushion (9 yards of solid fabric or 15 yards of printed fabric), nursing pillow (1 yard), and matching ottoman or hassock (5 yards solid or 9.5 yards printed fabric).

The Royal chair even comes in a Kid’s Chair; the same graceful curves and custom options are available for your little girl! The dimensions of the Kid’s Royal Chair by Little Castle are 26″ W x 19″ D x 30″ H, and it would take 5 yards of solid fabric or 7 yards of printed fabric to custom cover this chair. A matching kid-sized ottoman is also available (1.5 yds solid or 3 yds printed fabric). Kid’s Chairs do not glide.

Beautiful and high-quality Little Castle nursery gliders are fully customizable glider rocking chairs that look perfect in any room of the house! A wide selection of  styles and sizes is available! Take home a custom Nursery Glider or Recliner and make your dreams a reality!

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